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 ™Rebirth Of Vestroia Warriors!!!!!!!

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Vestroia Warriors

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PostSubject: ™Rebirth Of Vestroia Warriors!!!!!!!   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:21 pm

These are the famous 6 attributes of Vestroia, the world of BAKUGAN. The BAKUGAN are living creatures somewhat similar to that of Earth creatures, but yet have tremendous strength and many traits. Some people who live in Vestroia use those BAKUGAN to simply enjoy fighting against each other, while some fight against them. There are also those who fight to free them. This war has been going on for quite a long time in Vestroia since the ultimate BAKUGAN, Dragonoid has saved this world from total destruction. But seems this is happening again, this time with the people of Vestroia trying to destroy it, although most of them - not knowing so.

Many battles held everywhere all over the world, with all kinds of BAKUGAN and moves done by their brawlers. A BAKUGAN is maybe a friend, but could also be a great enemy.

So, Which Side Are You On?
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™Rebirth Of Vestroia Warriors!!!!!!!
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